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Introducing Moonshot Agency

Moonshot Agency part of the FXL GROUP, directed by Stephen Kelly & Corey Payne. The directors didn’t fit in normal jobs or going to university, Corey was uninspired by his previous employment and Stephen dropped out of university before it was clear something else was waiting out there for them. After combining their talents they found out what they did thrive in… Creating unique graphic and video content that is unparalleled to other creative agencies.

​We used to be known as ‘the boys on longboards’ who couldn’t otherwise reach our clients in some areas without our unfamiliar way of transport. Now we’re a powerful creative-duo that has had the pleasure of working with top global fashion brands, luxury hotels & some of the best Restaurants in the UK.

There was many a client who would raise an eyebrow as we pulled into a 5 star luxury hotel profusely sweating and frantically trying to collect all our work which by now had crumpled at the bottom of our backpacks. It was only when we would begin to showcase our work that clients would begin to be astounded that two young twenty year olds could do all this themselves at a better standard than other large renown creative agencies.

​We’re an agency built on building relationships between brands and their customers through culturally relevant content. We pitch campaign concepts and take over the full production. Our work is interdisciplinary – we shoot adverts, edit short films, do graphics, tell stories on social media and also teach you how to use social media.

We’re proof two-twenty something year olds that don’t just see ourselves as service providers: we’re collaborators. – Try us

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